Principal Harris



This is Mr. Harris, the new Principal in Timberwolf country. Please feel free to stop me to introduce yourself, I will be working to get to know students, staff and families this year. Like all learning I expect to make many mistakes as I try to remember the names and stories that go with the faces. Each time you introduce yourself and tell me a bit more about yourself, you will be teaching me. Your efforts to step up and make those introductions will be very much appreciated. I figure I have over 700 people to learn and that’s just those people that share our school each day. Hard work but so worth it.

Families, the staff here at Sequim Middle School are committed to their efforts to help “our” students attack their hard work this year. Students will be working to expand their skills and knowledge across a broad spectrum of topics and in the process, we hope to help them chart out their pathway to making dreams become reality. Shaping the work of what happens at school to get to all four major life destinations (Home & Family; Education & Career; Community & Service; and Hobbies & Recreation) will remain at the forefront of our purpose.

Periodically, I will reach out to families electronically to get some needed feedback from your perspective. As we make decisions about how to spend our energy and resources, you can help us on the ever-renewing cycle of reflection and adjustment to what we do and offer. If you would like to be a family I will reach out to via electronic surveys, please send me an email at