Principal Harris


Covid-19 changed the world. 
Racial inequity rose to national, international levels of exposure.
Distance learning has provide our education systems pause to consider rebuilding the century plus design for this and future generations. 

Social distancing, mask wearing and hybrid models of the old have been woven into the new norms fabric of daily life.
Recognition of systemic/institutional inequities and putting the effort in as a nation to eliminate antiquated systems that limit human beings is going to be a part of our generational mark on history.
Teachers and districts are reexamining what and how we approach growing our youth to become their most capable selves. Diverse visions centered on student learning have already begun to experiment.

We have a lot to learn. We have a lot we need to adjust and adapt. We adults will be learning along side, just ahead and sometimes right behind our Gen Z children.

We are committed to make sure that as we move forward, we are predictable, accurate, inclusive and reasonable. We will be free in the grace we give and honest in that we too will need some.

If we can help you be connected to your school... 
If we can affirm the information you are seeking about your school...
If we can help with adaptations to foster growth in your school...
If we can help you navigate your school expectations...
...Know that we would love to help and that we check our email and phones daily!

Your principal, Mark Harris