Athletics Eligibility

To: All SMS athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes

Sequim Middle School Academic Eligibility Procedures

All student athletes are required to have at least a C - or better in each class to participate in events such as games or matches. Participation is defined as playing in interscholastic matches or games. Student athletes are able to be on the team, practice, and have a uniform without at least a C - grade in each class.

1. At the beginning of each season, a current list of student grades will be printed by the principal to determine which players are likely to be ineligible for the first game. The principal will also meet with each athlete who has any grades that are less than C-. Student athletes will have two weeks before the first game, match, or meet to become eligible for those events but students may still join the team and practice while they work to raise their grades.

2. Ineligible players must get extra help from their team teachers during the OTE time afterschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:50 p.m. in order to raise their grade to at least a C -. Students must make these arrangements themselves with their teachers. Athletes who attend after school study time with teachers may arrive at practice at 4:00with no penalty from coaches. Athletes and parents should monitor student grades using Skyward Family Access. If you need a parent or student password to access Skyward, please call Connie Stites, school secretary, at 582-3500.

3. Every Tuesday, all athletes will have an electronic grade check done for them by the principal. On Tuesdays, the principal will send to the coaches copies of student grade checks for each athlete who has less than a C-in each class. The coaches will give each ineligible student his or her grade check.

4. On Tuesdays the principal will also forward the list of ineligible students to the7th and 8th grade team leaders for team input about student work such as test-edits, re-tests, or makeup work in progress. Team leaders may remove students from the ineligible list at the discretion of the teaching team.

5. The student will have until Monday to raise the grade. The student must have the teacher sign off on the grade check and hand in the grade check to the coach on Monday to participate in that week’s events.

6. Ineligible athletes may not travel with the team to away events.