Principal Harris


Covid-19 changed the world. For a time, it has separated us but despite that ,Timberwolves remain united.

With updated data interpretations to data, we as a school, district, state, country and world will adjust to protect our valued assets. 

That said, as we return to a new normal schedule, please know that we continue learning and working to not return to an antiquated system or experience for our families or our shared learners.

If we can help you be connected to your school... 
If we can affirm the information you are seeking about your school...
If we can help with adaptations to foster growth in your school...
If we can help you navigate your school expectations...
...Know that we would love to help and that we check our email and phones daily!

This year, our team will be working to make clear our values and objectives during these transformative years for our community and specifically our families..

Here are our very rough working values and objectives:

SMS Values

  • Understanding mistakes as opportunities that can promotes growth
  • Believe in equity for and diversity of all humans in our presence and globally
  • Challenges to our mindsets and the perseverance to expand current and grow to new ones
  • Efforts that show respect and kindness to all human beings
  • Perseverance to grow skills and knowledge

SMS Objectives

  • Grow students toward becoming expert learners
  • Cultivate an environment that guides and supports students to becoming expert learners by:
    • Create safe and productive learning environments
    • Provide practice and meaning to enduring human characteristics
    • Supply clear connections between content and student reality
  • Recognize and celebrate the positive contributions of all human beings as individuals and collectives
  • Challenge false mindsets
  • Give practice and context to stand against false mindsets

Principal Mark Harris