Our Staff

Contact information and teacher pages can be found in the SSD Directory

Principal: Mark Harris [email protected]
Assistant Principal: Candice Ward [email protected]

Custodial & Maintenance
David Pullen - Head Custodian
Nick Dorgan
John Cherrett 
Marty Galvin

Office Staff
Registrar/Office Coord: Connie Stites - [email protected]
Attendance: Kimberly Bushy - [email protected]

Bookkeeper: Lesli Forshaw - [email protected]
Counselor: Allison Hastings - [email protected]
Counselor: Steve Erickson - [email protected]
Student Assistance Professional: Laura Coffman - [email protected]
Campus Security: Sauni Holt - [email protected]
School Resource Officer: Kyle Resser - [email protected]
Attendance Re-Engagement Case Manager: Gerry Stockmann - [email protected]

Para Educators
Chris Allen
Pam Armstrong
Linda Dolan 
Julia Fuentes
Gina Lepisto 
Beth McMinn
Donna Mecham
Natalie Stevenson
Jason Queen

Holly Raemer: Librarian 

Ardis Mangano: Health Services
Kathleen Ross: Health Services

Florin Baros
Sue Brown
Josh Capps
Jason Chadick
Renee Colwill
Cheryl Eekhoff
Cherise Feser
Marcia Garrett
Caleb Gentry
Greg Glasser
Heidi Hough
Onna Gullickson
Joe Landoni
Casey Lewis
Mike McCann
Dave McInnes 
Brad Meckley 
Scott Middleton-Sharpe
Rick Miko 
Kelli Mishko
Michaela Moritz
Shannon Paselk
Holly Raemer  
George Rodes 
Tom Saffold
Konstantin Semerikov
Steve Smith
Mark Textor
Sara Turner 
Melissa Withrow
Holly Wright