Extra-Curricular Code

Sequim Middle School Activities Code



The coaches and advisors of Sequim Middle School (SMS) have created the Activities Code to explain both the expectations and requirements for all students who participate in all extra-curricular activities. It is based on the hundreds of rules and regulations of the State of Washington, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA), the Sequim School District, and the Associated Student Body (ASB). It is neither authorized nor intended to replace or supersede them.

It is intended as an accurate guide for all who participate in SMS extra-curricular teams and clubs. It includes academic and behavior expectations in the context of promoting good character and citizenship values. The total school program's image is reflected to our community by the activities program; therefore, high standards for academics, citizenship, sportsmanship, conduct, conditioning, and loyalty are required.

Participation in activities is not required. Participation in the activities programs is completely voluntary. Voluntary involvement in the activities program requires extra effort, and extra time, beyond the regular school day.

The activities code represents minimum standards. Individual head coaches and club advisors may require additional written standards that are unique to a particular sport or activity.

Upon completion of reading the Activities Code, both parent and student shall sign the “Signature Approval Form” which is to be returned to the Main Office at Sequim Middle School. The Activity Code is to be kept by the student and parent for reference.


"Activities” is defined by Sequim School District policy as “purposeful learning experiences, some of which are more appropriately conducted outside of the approved curriculum of the district.” Such program offerings and activities “shall ordinarily be conducted wholly or partly outside the regular school day.”

"Extra-curricular Activities" include all athletic teams and extracurricular teams and clubs.

"Co-curricular Activities" are extra-curricular activities that are related to academic classes.

"Athletics" refers to sports teams separate from physical education (PE) classes.

"Interscholastic Activities", as defined by WIAA, refers to those extra-curricular activities that involve competition with other schools having like activities. WIAA is mandated by the State of Washington to "plan, supervise and administer the interscholastic activities approved and delegated by the school districts' boards of directors". It is responsible for creating rules and regulations for fair play among member schools.


The Activities Code shall help students who participate in extra-curricular activities fulfill their obligation to exhibit exemplary behavior in all aspects of school life. Extra-curricular activities at Sequim Middle School shall provide students with both opportunity and responsibility. They shall support the academic curriculum while also promoting emotional, physical and social growth.


1) To have all participating students experience learning opportunities in discipline, emotional control, and sportsmanship.

2) To have all participating students reach their full potential scholastically and to exceed the minimum grade requirements of the WIAA and Sequim Middle School.

  • To have all participating students to follow training and behavior guidelines as established by Sequim Middle School; and understand the consequences for not meeting those standards.
  • To have multi-sport and club participation and commitment to programs throughout the school year.
  • To have coaches and club advisors continually improve their effectiveness by attending clinics, workshops and similar activities.
  • To build a tradition of pride within the school, community, and individual participants.



  1. This code is in effect upon the first signing of an enrollment agreement by a student and parent and will remain so until terminated by a withdrawal from school or moving up to the High School. (Students who have signed an agreement then withdraw from Sequim Middle School and later return, will, as a matter of re-enrollment, be covered by the original agreement.)
  1. Acceptance and/or continuance in an activity are based not only upon ability, but also upon attitudes, work habits, cooperation, academic standing, and a sincere desire by the student to participate in a manner that compliments the school and community. The students who make up our teams and organizations represent their student bodies and communities.
  1. A student’s activity “season” begins with the first allowable practice or meeting date of any SMS sponsored activity and lasts until the last day of school. There are no “between seasons” during the school year, and signed agreements cover any school related events which occur on school vacation days. "School vacation days" include the summer months for all students returning to SMS the following school year.
  1. Home School Students shall meet both WIAA and Sequim School District eligibility requirement standards, shall participate as a member of the public school that the student would normally attend and shall meet and adhere to the same responsibilities and standards of behavior and performance of SMS members of the activity (Academic eligibility shall be determined by the supervising administrator based on application of the scholastic requirements for regular students. Home-schooled students shall provide a grade level appropriate portfolio at each grading period and/or progress report period.)


The District does not provide medical insurance for school injuries and accidents. Participation in athletics, and other selected activities, requires that a student shall be covered by personal injury and accident insurance. If a student is covered by his or her parent/guardian’s insurance carrier, a completed insurance waiver shall be signed and turned into the office prior to participation. If a student has no coverage, then purchase of school injury/accident insurance coverage shall be required.


Each participating student shall meet the following:

  1. Administrative Requirements.
  2. A signed signature approval form on file in the school office.
  3. Purchase an ASB card.
  4. All fees/fines paid up.
  5. Meet all scholastic/attendance requirements
  6. Completed and current physical on file (athletics only).
  7. Completed weight permit (wrestling only) on file.
  1. Scholastic Requirements

1 Depending upon the sports season, all athletes will have an electronic grade check done once a week by the principal. This grade check will be forwarded to all coaches and the SMS athletic director. Based upon the grades on the grade check at this time, coaches will inform athletes whether or not they are eligible to participate for the next week. Students who do not have a C- in each class may still be eligible if they: 1) Have not received any disciplinary referrals the previous week; 2) Have no missing class work; 3) Have at least at least a C- on summative assessments (test). This provision is intended to encourage students to continue to work for an overall C- grade in each class.

  1. Ineligible students may only gain eligibility at the time of grade checks.
  2. Teachers will be informed every week of the season which students are academically ineligible and teachers should expect these students to come in each day for extra help. Ineligible players must get extra help from teachers either in the morning before 8:10 or after school from 2:45-3:15 p.m. in order to raise their grade to at least a C-. Students must make these arrangements themselves with their teachers. Athletes who attend after school study time with teachers will arrive to practice at 3:20 with no penalty from coaches.
  1. Previous Semester (transferring students only)
  2. The student shall have been in regular attendance in an elementary, intermediate, middle level, or high school during the semester/trimester immediately preceding the semester/trimester in which the contest is held.
  3. An enrolled student who receives semester/trimester grades will be considered to have been in attendance for that semester/trimester unless he/she is withdrawn from school.
  1. Quitting/Cutting (Athletics only)
  2. Students may be allowed up to a two-week period from the official start of the season to try out for an activity. If the participant is cut, or if she/he quits, during this two-week period, she/he is eligible immediately for another activity upon meeting minimum requirements if that activity does not have a cut policy.
  3. Participants who are cut or who are permanently dismissed after the first two weeks, or after the first game (whichever comes first), are not eligible until the next sports season starts.
  4. Participants reporting after the first official day of practice may be given up to three days from his/her first practice to try out without penalty.
  5. The mutual agreement of two involved coaches may cause a student to become immediately eligible upon meeting minimum requirements in that sport after the two-week tryout period. The athletic director, assistant principal, or principal, will make the final decision.


Students must realize that their primary purpose in attending school is to acquire an education. Activities are an extension of the education day and all students are also encouraged to realize that how they represent themselves to others is a vitally important part of their learning experience. All students, in every endeavor at Sequim Middle School, are encouraged to strive for excellence in all that they do.

  1. All students representing SMS are expected to exemplify the highest standards of good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is showing the qualities of being courteous, fair, and showing great respect to officials, opponents, teammates, coaches, fans, and all others associated with the activity or contest. Un-sportsman-like conduct related to athletic contests may result in probation, temporary exclusion, or permanent dismissal from participation in the activity and/or school. Such action shall be the decision of the coach, athletic director, and assistant principal and principal.
  1. Personal Appearance: Each participant, when at an athletic or activity event, shall be neat in appearance. The head coach or club advisor will shall determine what is acceptable.
  1. Electronic Media: Use of electronic media to violate district, WIAA and school policies and/or government laws, is prohibited and are grounds for probation, exclusion, or permanent dismissal. "Electronic media" includes but is not limited to cell phones, text messaging, myspace, facebook, chat rooms, and blogs. Examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited to: soliciting or arranging for sale or the purchase or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or weapons; engaging in criminal activity; threatening the safety of a person or harassing the person, and "cyber-bullying" of opponents or teams (which is considered un-sportsman-like)
  1. Initiation or Hazing of Athletes: Under no circumstances does SMS, nor the coaches or advisors under contract in the Sequim School District, condone or promote initiation, hazing, or any other form of harassment of participants. Under our philosophy, we encourage participants to develop leadership skills, foster teamwork, build self-esteem, and confidence. Sanctions for harassment behavior may result in suspension from school, loss of playing time, loss of privilege of being team captain, being removed from team or activity, or loss of letter/award.
  1. Attendance: Any student participating in school-sponsored activities shall attend all classes in order to practice/participate that day. This includes being in attendance at the beginning of first period the day following any school sponsored activity. The athletic director, activities director, assistant principal, or principal may approve exceptions to this requirement.
  1. Physical Education: Students who bring a note excusing them from a physical education class will also not be allowed to participate that day in their sport or activity. If a student is not healthy enough for a physical education class, they are not healthy enough for a sport or activity. (Exceptions: 1) A student shall be pre-excused for a verified medical appointment. 2) A student may be excused by the head coach or advisor for family matters such as death in the family severe illness, or other emergency. 3) A student may be excused if prior arrangements have been made with the athletic director, activities director, assistant principal, or principal.)
  1. The Sequim School District Facility Use Policy 4260 shall be strictly enforced.
  1. Criminal Acts: Any participant who commits a crime is subject to a thirty (30) calendar day exclusion from all activities or permanent dismissal from all activities in which s/he is currently engaged, at the discretion of the athletic director, assistant principal or principal.
  1. Conduct bringing discredit to the school: Students involved in activities are expected to be good citizens at all times on and off campus. Disruptive behavior, fighting, profane or obscene language, vulgarity, persistent tardiness, truancy, and other violations of school or civil regulations are grounds for probation, exclusion or permanent dismissal.
  1. Suspension – In School: Any violation or accumulation of violations of school policy which results in a day(s) of In School Suspension (I.S.S.) shall result in an exclusion from contests for the duration of I.S.S., but the student shall be allowed to participate in practices. I.S.S. is legally recognized as a short-term suspension and counts towards limits on short-term suspension that may be imposed due to a student’s IEP or other legalities.
  1. Suspension – Short Term: Any violation or accumulation of violations of school policy which results in a short-term suspension shall result in the exclusion of the student from all contests and practices for the duration of the suspension.
  1. Suspension – Long Term: Any violation of school policy which results in a long term suspension shall result in dismissal from all activities in which the student is currently engaged.


The head coach, club advisor, athletic director, activities director, assistant principal, and/or principal are responsible for decisions relating to consequences resulting from violation of training/practice rules.

  1. Other rules: The head coach or club advisor may develop rules that are more specific and/or stringent than the rules of the Activities Code. These rules shall be written and handed out to students at their first practice or meeting.
  1. Consequences: A student who violates rules and regulations shall be subject to probation, temporary exclusion, or permanent dismissal from the activity.
  1. Authority: The head coach/advisor of each activity has the prerogative to discipline a student who refuses to observe acceptable patterns of behavior. Such action may be the decision of the head coach, club advisor, athletic director, activities director, assistant principal, and/or principal.


  1. Transportation to and from extra and co-curricular activities will be School District buses or vans.
  2. All students shall travel to and from activities with the group and in transportation provided for this purpose. (In special situations, only upon personal request by parent/guardian to the coach, will this be waived to allow the student to travel with his/her parent/guardian. Parents are encouraged to make such requests prior to the event. Students will be released to parents/guardians only.)
  3. Each student will remain with the group and under the supervision of the coach when attending away activities.
  4. Each student while traveling to and from away activities will obey all school bus regulations.
  5. Students shall comply with dress requirements for home and away activities.
  1. Students riding on Sequim School District transportation and the driver of the bus are the specific responsibility of each coach or advisor present. The coach or advisor is directly responsible for the control of the students. However, it should be noted that the driver’s responsibility is for the safety and welfare of the students and personnel on the bus, and therefore, she/he is in a position of final authority and must make the final decision on all transportation related matters.
  1. Students shall remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  2. Students may stretch their legs out into the aisle.
  3. No unnecessary noise or commotion shall be permitted on the bus.
  4. There shall be no tampering with the bus or bus equipment.
  5. Students shall not use vulgar or profane language.
  6. Students shall not shoot or throw anything while on the bus.
  7. Students shall not put their head or arms out of the windows.
  8. Students shall not cross the street or highway to the rear of the bus.
  9. Any object that can become an injury factor in case of an emergency shall be secured. (Example: javelins must be kept in containers and shots and discus kept in bags anchored at the front of the bus.)
  10. Radios and tape decks are allowed on the bus ONLY if played through earphones and shall be kept at seat level. State law does not permit extended antennae.
  11. Eating is allowed on the bus, but all waste shall be placed in garbage bags and bags removed from the bus at the end of the trip. It shall be the driver’s responsibility to provide bags or other refuse containers.


  1. A student who participates in extra-curricular activities shall not at any time during his/her middle school career possess or consume tobacco, alcohol, and/or legend (drugs obtained through prescription other than prescribed for the named athlete, RCW 69.41.020-050) or illegal drugs, nor shall they willfully be in attendance at a location where tobacco, alcohol, and/or illegal drugs are unlawfully used.
  1. Honor Code Statement: Any student who, upon initial questioning by the coach, advisor, athletic director, vice principal, or principal, admits to a code violation will have his/her suspension reduced in half for a first time violation of substance use policy concerning alcohol and tobacco. The student shall also consent to, and complete at the expense of the violator, an appropriate drug/alcohol assessment by a certified drug and alcohol assessor, sign a release of information to the school, and follow the recommendation made by the assessor.
  1. Alcohol and Tobacco Use: In addition to, or in conjunction with, Sequim School District disciplinary measures, the following apply.
  2. First Violation: A first offense shall result in exclusion from all activities for the remainder of his/her high school career, OR commit to all of the following steps:
  3. A violator shall not participate in any games, contests, or events, for 30 successive calendar days during the WIAA school year. If the infraction occurs out of season, the exclusion will start with the next activity in which the student wishes to participate.
  4. At the expense of the violator, an appropriate drug/alcohol assessment by a certified drug alcohol assessor shall be administered and the recommendations of the assessment completed. Copies of the private assessment and notification of requirements/treatment completed or written proof of completed requirements shall be turned in to the athletic director, all such documents shall be kept confidential.
  5. Failure to complete ‘C1b’, if chosen, shall result in exclusion from any sport/activity participation during the following school year.
  6. Second Violation: a second offense shall result in the student being ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one calendar year from the date of the second violation AND, at the expense of the violator, consent to and complete an appropriate drug/alcohol assessment by a certified drug alcohol assessor, sign a release of assessment and treatment information to the school before being allowed to participate in any sport/activity during the second, following school year.
  1. Third Violation: A student who violates for a third time shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition.
  1. Legend Drugs [RCW 69.50.101 - legend drugs) and/or Illegal Drug (RCW 69.41.010 - identified substances] Use: In addition to, or in conjunction with, Sequim School District disciplinary measures, the following applies.
  1. First Violation: A first offense shall result in being immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition in the current interscholastic sports program for the remainder of the season. Ineligibility shall continue until the next sports season in which the student athlete wishes to participate.
  2. To be eligible to participate in said next interscholastic sports season, the student athlete shall meet with the school eligibility board consisting of coaches and administrators selected by the principal, to request approval to participate.
  3. The school eligibility board will recommend to the principal appropriate action to be taken in the student athlete’s case. The school principal shall have the final authority as to the student athlete’s participation in the interscholastic sports program
  1. Second Violation: A student athlete who again violates any provision of RCW 69.41.020 through 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the second violation.
  1. Third Violation: A student athlete who violates for a third time, RCW 69.41.020 – 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition.
  1. A student athlete who seeks and receives help for a problem with the use of legend drugs or controlled substances and controlled substance analogs shall be given the opportunity for assistance through the school and/or community agencies. In no instance shall participation in a school and/or community approved assistance program excuse a student athlete from subsequent compliance with this regulation. However, successful utilization of such an opportunity or compliance with athletic code by the student athlete, may allow him/her to have eligibility re-instated in the athletic program, pending recommendation by the school eligibility authority.


In addition to and in conjunction with Sequim School District policies, and to assure fairness in dealing with violations and alleged violations or infractions of the Activities Code, the following Grievance procedures have been approved.

  1. The student, parent, athletic director, activities director, coach/advisor, assistant principal, and/or principal shall be notified of an infraction, either verbally or in written form.
  2. A formal investigation shall be made within five (5) days of the infraction.
  1. An investigation that results in consequences shall be followed by a letter of explanation outlining the offense, date of offense, action being taken, and grievance procedures (due process), with copies available to the student/parent, athletic/activities director, assistant principal and/or principal.
  1. A student or parent/guardian who contests unfair treatment, temporary exclusion, or permanent dismissal from an activity shall use the following grievance process in the following order:
  2. Resolve the problem with the coach or advisor involved.
  1. Resolve problem with athletic/activities director, assistant principal and/or principal.
  1. Provide the athletic/activities director with a written request for a hearing before the grievance committee within five (5) school days of the date the contested action was imposed.
  2. For athletes, the grievance committee shall be comprised of three off-season athletic coaches, assistant principal, principal and two non-school affiliated members of the community.
  3. For non-athletes, the grievance committee shall be comprised of three club advisors, assistant principal, principal, and two non-school affiliated members of the community.
  4. The athletic director or activity director shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting member and shall moderate the hearing.
  1. The grievance committee shall convene within three (3) school days of the day the athletic director receives the request.
  1. The student may not participate in the activity until the grievance committee has made a decision.
  1. To grieve the grievance committee's action, the aggrieved party may submit a written grievance with the superintendent of schools within three (3) school days of the decision rendered by the grievance committee. The superintendent of schools, after hearing the case in detail, shall render a decision within ten (10) school days of the hearing.
  1. To appeal the superintendent's action, the aggrieved party may submit a written appeal to the Sequim School District Board of Trustees within three (3) school days. Said board, after hearing the case in detail, shall render a decision on the case within ten (10) school days of the hearing. This decision shall be final.

- End -